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A private initiative to offer quality housing at affordable prices


Do I have to pay an agency fee?

No, all the rooms listed on our websites are owned by the operators of ISHR so you don’t have to pay an agency fee. The prices on our website are all inclusive which means that there will not be any extra costs for tenants. We do however expect our tenants to pay a deposit of one month in advance. We require this in order to have a guarantee that our rooms will stay in a decent shape. The deposit will be returned upon the check-out of the apartment.

How can I secure a room?

We work with a very simple system. If you’re sure you want to rent one of our rooms, we will send you a contract with a fixed starting- and ending date. We expect you to sign this contract and send back a copy to us together with a copy of your passport.

If everything is filled in correctly we will sign the contract as well and send you back the final lease. We expect you to pay the deposit within 5 days after receiving the final lease. Once we have received the deposit; the room is secured for you.

What is the procedure for checking in- & out?

We have a special caretaker who is responsible for you in and out.

Once you know your arriving date in Rotterdam you can make an appointment with her for the check-in. She will then meet you at the apartment to hand-over the keys and explain the most important things about the apartment and our organisation. When you leave, you follow the same procedure to check-out.

Can I register with municipality?

Registration with the municipality is possible. However, in the past it has happened that tenants did not deregister (upon leaving the room) creating a lot of unnecessary administration for both the tenant and ourselves. As a result we pay particular attention to tenants deregistering.

Can we book one room with two persons?

Unfortunately, the rules of the municipality do not allow us to have more than one person in any of our rooms. Therefore, it is not possible to rent one room with two people.

Can I have friends over?

Of course you can have friends over in case you're renting one of our rooms. We only want you to be considerate of your flatmates (i.e. make sure you’re not too loud etc.)

What do I have to do if something is wrong with the apartment?

If something is wrong with the apartment, please contact us as soon as possible. We will consider the situation and take actions if needed as soon as possible.

How can I pay the rent?

The rent can be paid in one amount or in monthly (international) bank transfers. We do not accept Western Union or cash.

Are there mixed genders in the apartments?

We always try to avoid this at ISHR. However, it is not always possible and we therefore cannot guarantee that you will stay in an apartment with tenants with the same gender.

Can I extend my contract during my stay?

Most of the times this is possible. However, we try to limit vacancy of our rooms as much as possible. Hence “your room” can already be rented out to someone at the moment you decide to extend it. However if you inform us well in advance we can look for an effective solution, such as securing "your room" for a longer term or booking another room with ISHR.